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#cancerfilm !! The Intersection of Cancer Research & Twitter: a Groundbreaking Opportunity via @symplur - Liza Bernstein (itsthebunk)
Researchers have identified a gene that drives an aggressive form of “triple-negative” breast cancer, raising hope that targeting the gene could lead to new forms of treatment.
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The PRMA Breast Cancer News is out! Stories via @CanPaleoChick1 @6state @mccreajenn
Many of our patients have kept most of their hair during #chemotherapy by using #ColdCaps. Feedback has been very...
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One infrared scan can give pathologists a window into the structures and molecules inside tissues and cells, enabling fast and broad diagnostic assessments, thanks to an imaging technique developed...
@mchrysopoulo @prsjournal Great points. I agree. Free TRAM flaps are possible after #liposuction or #abdominoplasty. - Ziyad Hammoudeh, MD (DrHammoudeh)
There are several ways to reconstruct a nipple. Here's how we do it at PRMA. #NippleReconstruction
I will be on @CBCRadioCanada today,12:20 talking #brca #bcsm #genetictesting w/ @shawnapel - Karen Lazarovitz (karenBRCAMTL)
4those who missed "@BRCAresponder: #Hcchat - Healthcare Social Media Transcript via @symplur #BRCA #hereditarycancer" - Tobey-BRCA-Previvor (BRCAinfo)
Meet Chris. He tested positive for #BRCA mutation. Men get breast cancer too, yes, male bc. #MenHaveBreastsToo #bcsm - Men Have Breasts Too (MHBTmovie)
Thank you Georgia for all your passionate advocacy for #hereditary #cancers. #brca #lynch #Hcchat - Tobey-BRCA-Previvor (BRCAinfo)
RT @BRCAinfo: #coffee lovers rejoice! 3 Drinks Give You Liver Cancer, But Coffee Protects Resource 4 #BRCA Tweet peeps @BRCAinfo @NickiDurlester @LguzzardiM @CanPaleoChick1 @mchrysopoulo @DiepFlapBreast - Terri Coutee (6state)
New research shows Asian-Americans more likely to survive cancer than non-Hispanic whites, highlights importance of examining subgroups of Asian-AmericansNumerous studies have documented racial...
Five common #BRCA gene questions answered. #AngelinaEffect #breastcancer - PRMA Plastic Surgery (DiepFlapBreast)
RT @karenBRCAMTL: Kelly Osbourne has 'cancer gene,' says she'll take #preventive measures like Jolie #brca #bcsm