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Our #1 Best-Selling Drone--Meet the Dark Night of the Sky!
RT @ukaesthetic: One if the most thought provoking cartoons I have reflected on as a #plasticsurgeon. Can surgery = happiness?
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Flying high ( literally ) with 1,000 Tweeps!!! ✈️ thank you #twitterfriends! #grateful
Decision Making & Factors Influencing Long-term Satisfaction w/ #Prophylactic #Mastectomy in Women w/ #BreastCancer
RT @MBCC2014: What does breast cancer look like? THIS too. Yes, men! #malebreastcancer #menshealth #menhavebreaststoo #bcsm #bccww https://…
RT @ASPS_News: If you are considering #PlasticSurgery, please be sure to #DoYourHomework and meet with an #ASPS member:
RT @drheatherfurnas: The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. -Frank Lloyd Wright The Guggenheim NYC #art #architecture https:/…
How has #Instagram changed the way millennials are approaching #PlasticSurgery procedures? (via @ASPS_News)
Amazing contributions to the #PlasticSurgery literature. And now on @twitter @JamesStuzinMD - Olivier Branford (OlivierBranford)
Tonight he asked me for my address so when he takes his motorcycle road trip he can come stay with me. Also no. - Sassy, (future) MD (mcsassymd)
@mchrysopoulo Can you help our #kidscancerpain project by joining our thunderclap? You can register at this link - Perri Tutelman (PerriTutelman)
RT @TheEconomist: New research suggests that embracing stress beats trying to avoid it
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RT @6state: Effect of caffeine on microsurgical technical performance. - PubMed - NCBI @fawnsun @mchrysopoulo @drroykim ☕️☕️