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@CCR_expo Really enjoyed your great questions! Looking forward to your conference. - Olivier Branford (OlivierBranford)
Faceboob - An Open Letter to @Facebook From My Breasts #brca #mastectomy #breastcancer RT @mchrysopoulo - Karen Lazarovitz (karenBRCAMTL)
Tip of the hat to daily companions @DeborahFroese @mchrysopoulo Life: it's all about the scars - Prompters to Life (prompters)
A review of two clinical trials that are a part of the Women's Health Initiative delves further into the association between hormone therapy and the risk of breast cancer.
#Philotimo, the highest of Greek virtues
#FBF to PRMA's blog archives: PRMA research decreases #DIEPflap complications: #breastcancer
Weill Cornell Medical College investigators tried to validate a previously reported molecular finding on triple negative breast cancer that many hoped would lead to targeted treatments for the...
American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting April 18-22, 2015 Combination of the anticancer drug PM1183 with PARP inhibitors and doxorubicin results in a synergistic effect...
Board Certification and Fees Anger Doctors #MOC discussion now at the public forefront. @Newsweek @nytimeshealth - DAVID H SONG MD, MBA (drdavidsong) Daily is out! Stories via @frackfree @lastdayzmessage @mchrysopoulo - (nuclearwebinfo)
Scientists in Manchester have identified a way to potentially predict which patients with an early form of breast cancer will experience disease progression.
1. Cancer Mortality Reductions Were Greatest Among Countries Where Cancer Care Spending Rose The Most, 1995-2007.Warren Stevens of Precision Health Economics, Dana P.
PRMA patient Terri shares her breast revision surgery experience: #breastcancer #DIEPflap - PRMA Plastic Surgery (DiepFlapBreast)
RT @stangoldberg: Successfully living with cancer is a game of adaptation #cancer
RT @prsjournal Breast Reconstruction Outcomes after Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy and Radiation Therapy #bcsm - Dr. Deanna Attai (DrAttai)
@DiepFlapBreast PRMA=Great help!! Just posted yesterday:A patient's added tips: #breastreconstruction #TravelTuesday - Terri Coutee (6state)
Power of Two: How Drs Scot Glasberg and Robert X. Murphy, Jr, are recharging the #ASPS. @scotbg @PSPeditor #ICYMI - ASPS (ASPS_News)