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In Mexico, breast cancer has been adequately controlled, and is no longer considered a risk of death when it's diagnosed.
The lymphatic system provides a slow flow of fluid from our organs and tissues into the bloodstream.
Nodal Radiation Offers No Survival Benefit in Breast Cancer >@medscape /Controversy worth further convo #bcsm #radonc - Matthew Katz (subatomicdoc)
Great article on the history and future of #BreastReconstruction. @droscarochoa @DiepFlapBreast @TevidoBioDevice
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Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy via @mchrysopoulo Don't miss the #bcsm chat! #breastreconstruction - Heather (expattravelmom)
It has long been known that rates of breast and cervical cancer screening among Latinas are low compared to rates for U.S. women overall.
As well as the daily strain of their working lives, shift workers are probably also more likely than other people to develop cancer.
Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast - Collection of Articles for Residents (via @prsjournal) - Daniel Z. Liu, M.D. (danielzliu)