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Thanks for sharing Terri! #DIEPflap #FlashbackFriday - PRMA Plastic Surgery (DiepFlapBreast)
New #Plasticsurgery Hot Topics with @DrRodrohrich video features ADMs, Fat Processing and Hypertrophic scars #FF:... - PRS|PRS Global Open (prsjournal)
RT @drheatherfurnas: Where you have your #plasticsurgery is as important as who does your surgery.
Think I'm all good! #FF @mchrysopoulo @BRCAinfo @drheatherfurnas @ElysiumFields10 @OlivierBranford @GarethPresch - Terri Coutee (6state) #breastcancer @flashytrash @usmccarterswife @mchrysopoulo @Dr_SamuelLin @ChetNastala @danielzliu @whenBChappens - Mia Spano-Curtiss (fckboobiecancer) (BCT) has teamed up with five breast cancer advocacy organizations to make finding out about clinical trial options for metastatic breast cancer easier, faster, and more...
Scientists from New Zealand and Australia have created the first three-dimensional image of a key protein involved in the development of blood and other cancers.

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TMA Member Physicians Daily published! Stories via @mchrysopoulo @DrOmerIlahi @drmattmurray - Texas Medical Assoc. (texmed)
Ambry Genetics (Ambry), a leader in clinical genetic diagnostics and genetics software solutions, has announced new data affirming the effectiveness of multi-gene panel testing (MGPT) in...