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@mchrysopoulo @LguzzardiM Advance look @ March ALCL papers by Brody, Gidengill, Chung, Adams, Glasberg, Hall-Findlay: - PRS | PRS GO (prsjournal)
PRS Editor's Picks: Chronic Biofilm Infection in Breast Implants Is Associated with an Increased T-Cell Lympho... - PRS | PRS GO (prsjournal)
Do Protections Against Genetic Discrimination in Health Coverage Go Far Enough? #GINA #BRCA @MyGeneCounsel - Lisa M Guzzardi, RN (LguzzardiM)
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Scientists at the University of York have discovered that a drug used widely to combat epilepsy has the potential to reduce the growth and spread of breast cancer.
A new study finds girls who drink 1.5 servings or more of sugary drinks each day may start menstruation earlier than those who consume less than two servings a week.
RT @nytimesscience: Myriad Genetics Ending Patent Dispute on Breast Cancer Risk Testing
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A new breast cancer risk prediction model combining histologic features of biopsied breast tissue from women with benign breast disease and individual patient demographic information more accurately...
For the past two decades, the National Cancer Institute has documented a persistent racial disparity in colon cancer survival rates in the United States.
Predictions for 2015 estimate that, for the first time, the death rates for lung cancer among women in Europe will exceed those for breast cancer.
Thank u @KateHebertRS 4 sharing the PRS study! Since u liked the paper, watch the video: @OlivierBranford - PRS | PRS GO (prsjournal)
Fewer cosmetic ops in 2014 via @Telegraph Welcome trend for the natural look and more subtle surgical adjustments - William Townley (townleywilliam)
A new breast imaging technique pioneered at Mayo Clinic nearly quadruples detection rates of invasive breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue, according to the results of a major study...
RT @DiepFlapBreast: New exam nearly quadruples detection of invasive #breastcancer in dense breast tissue.
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A new study finds that many women with breast cancer have poor knowledge about their illness, highlighting a need for better patient education to improve treatment decisions.
A new analysis has found that many women with breast cancer lack knowledge about their illness, with minority patients less likely than white patients to know and report accurate information about...