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@mchrysopoulo I would LOVE to hear your professional "Medical" opinion on this. What do you think? - Simón (TheoLaurenSimon)
RT @AnatomyStuff: Scientists test prototype #StarTrek tricorder as #health monitoring device for athletes https://t…
It✔️s[#infographic^s]❤Com: 11 Smart Ways 2 #Repurpose ur #Content | #ContentMarketing - ℹts⌛✐ (InfographicsIts)
40 tips for women facing #breastcancer surgery #BreastReconstruction @mchrysopoulo @FacingOurRisk @SAHealth210 - BCsurgerystories (BCsurgstories)
RT @drkarenhorton: LISTENING to our patients in #PlasticSurgery is one of the most important factors in determining success!
RT @BreastAdvocate: Thank you @drkarenhorton! Listening and including the patient in the decision-making process. #SharedDecisionMaking htt…
RT @OlivierBranford: When you find a mentor who doesn't try to trip you up & gives advice based on your best interests @AcademicPain https:…
@McNameeJason @TheNewOcean @SDeVoretz @drmichellelarue @AlistairDove @PSF @DannieDamour No new ones though
#Diet #supplements:"few are effective, many..useless, others may be harmful" @HarvardHealth - Heather Furnas, MD (drheatherfurnas)