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Population screening for BRCA gene mutations would prevent so few breast and ovarian cancer cases that its cost would not be worthwhile, say authors of a leading opinion article.
In the breast, cancer stem cells and normal stem cells can arise from different cell types but tap into distinct yet related stem cell programs, according to Whitehead Institute researchers.
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Findings also highlight acupuncture's ability to induce a stronger placebo effect than oral medicationsAcupuncture may be a viable treatment for women experiencing hot flashes as a result of...
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Search for new inflammatory disease and cancer drug targets aided by detailed structureThe human body, if anything, is economical.
A breakthrough genetic test that could spare thousands of Australian women with early stage breast cancer from chemotherapy and its toxic side effects will be considered for reimbursement later...
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There has been a significant rise in double mastectomy among men with breast cancer, despite lack of evidence suggesting the procedure is beneficial, according to new research.