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Should we say 'NO' to 'faux-tox' #Vacation #Breasts? Our resident #Breast expert @OlivierBranford gives his opinion: - Comparethetreatment (comparethetreat)
RT @DiepFlapBreast: New system invented could improve effectiveness of #breastcancer surgery.
Leading scientists and clinicians from Leeds have been awarded a grant worth around £200,000 by medical research charity Breast Cancer Campaign to test a new method using magnetic resonance...
With the goal of making it easier for surgeons to detect malignant tissue during surgery and hopefully reduce the rate of cancer recurrence, scientists have invented a new imaging system that causes...
PRMA performs record breaking 6,500th #BreastReconstruction, of which 5,500 were microsurgical reconstructions. #diep
@mchrysopoulo @Pforsure @BRCAresponder This is a soft release of the Busted And Beautiful Project ... hope you like! - Mia Spano-Curtiss (fckboobiecancer)
"I have no proof...just anecdotal reports" should not be the basis for modern medicine ht @jwoodgett #Vaccines - Richard Sever (cshperspectives)
Most Viewed Videos Tuberous Breast Deformity: Classification and Treatment Strategy for Improving Consistency... - PRS | PRS GO (prsjournal)
Interesting... RT @asps_news: Is there a universal standard for "perfect" breast? An @ASPS_News study takes a look: - Dr. Steve Teitelbaum (DrTeitelbaum)
#BreastCancer Patients Referred for Genetic Testing Likely to Have Mutations Other Than #BRCA
#DIEP flap surgery involves connecting small blood vessels together using #microsurgery. Watch a short video here:
RT @prsjournal: Comparison of Clinical Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction in... : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
RT @CanPaleoChick1: A good animated guide to #BreastReconstruction #BRCA #plasticssurgery
"There is much more to successful #plasticsurgery than simply owning a knife" @mchrysopoulo @prsjournal - Olivier Branford (OlivierBranford)
RT @AskDrSuzanne great to see evidence that empowers- natural (appearing) breast is best! good job @OlivierBran... - Fulvio Urso-Baiarda (MrUrsoBaiarda)
PRMA's #breastreconstruction before and after videos can be found at Take a look and share! #breastcancer - PRMA Plastic Surgery (DiepFlapBreast)
RT @prj_storyboard: Project Storyboard [Daily] is out! Stories via @BBAllSummer @mchrysopoulo @TheGoodBreast