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What makes a good #mHealth app? Experience may be factor. Global survey found much dissatisfaction. - Matt Fisher (Matt_R_Fisher)
Head-2-Head Meta-Analysis of Direct-to-Implant vs 2-Stage Implant #BreastReconstruction @prsjournal #plasticsurgery - Dr. Daniel Liu (danielzliu)
At#PRMA many of our patients opt for #DIEP flap reconstruction with PM or CPM. #breast reconstruction. Sp - Steven Pisano (pisano_dr)
Lifetime costs of prophylactic #mastectomy & #BreastReconstruction vs surveillance @prsjournal #PlasticSurgery
Additional breast cancers found with MRI are sometimes larger and potentially more aggressive than those found on mammography, according to a study published online in the journal Radiology.
RAFTers Daily is out! Stories via @mchrysopoulo @NJIvorygirl @nevilleadaniels - RAFT (RaftCharity)
Researchers at a breast cancer prevention clinic in Manchester, UK, have observed an increased uptake of preventative double mastectomies since May 2013, when Angelina Jolie announced that she had...
RT @TCOrobin: Counseling Improves Survival Rate When Breast Cancer Recurs