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via @abcdiagnosis: Why media coverage of alternative cancer treatments is dangerous, by @MrMMarsh - - Elaine Schattner (ElaineSchattner)
Breast Cancer #clinicaltrial is looking for participants. Check online to see if you qualify: #bcsm #breastcancer - Debbie Woodbury (DebbieWWGN)
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The Sad Saga Of Silicone Breast Implants @Forbes Commentaries? @mchrysopoulo @drdavidsong @OlivierBranford - Lisa M Guzzardi, RN (LguzzardiM)
Adding #goserelin to #chemotherapy prevents early menopause in young women with #BreastCancer
A new study shows that the shape of a tumor cell can influence its response to inflammatory molecules in the immune system, so as to either drive or stop cancer.
Testing breast cancer cells for how closely they resemble stem cells could identify women with the most aggressive disease, a new study suggests.
Chemotherapy often shrinks tumors at first, but as cancer cells become resistant to drug treatment, tumors can grow back.
The BMJ's campaign against 'too much medicine' sees three papers calling screening to account, questioning if looking out for breast cancer or aneurysm does more harm than good.
The RAFT Daily Newspaper is out! Stories via @KPFoundation @jimmhk @mchrysopoulo - Leonor Stjepic (RAFT_CEO)
Most Emailed Article Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Occurring in Women with Breast Implants: Analysis of 173 ... - PRS | PRS GO (prsjournal)
Big hugs to you. TY 4 sharing your story with us. RT via @expattravelmom: My #BRCA story...thus far. - Tobey-BRCA-Previvor (BRCAinfo)
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Next week - we'll cover highlights of the Miami Breast Cancer Conference #MBC15 #bcsm - Dr. Deanna Attai (DrAttai)