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@mchrysopoulo Thanks for the follow. Any chance you can check out our new #Charity Gaming video & subscribe - Prism Gaming UK (PrismGamingUK)
A very honest discussion about #breastreconstruction after mastectomy. Think about what you say and how you behave. - Lynne Omar (LynneOmar)
@ASPSMembers 10 Upcoming Screenings of Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer #BreastReconstruction @JayOrringerMD - Amy Byer Shainman (BRCAresponder)
The importance of PROMs in adjuvant therapy @anneklassen @DrStefanCano @andrea_pusic @jennyrusby @mchrysopoulo - Olivier Branford (OlivierBranford)
Birmingham Breast Clinic, an all-female #Breastreconstruction team @BMIHealthcare - Anne Dancey (DrAnneDancey)