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@prsjournal @PlastReconSurg Brilliant article from Mr Paul Harris on perfecting the TUG flap in breast reconstruction - Olivier Branford (OlivierBranford)
The PRMA Breast Cancer News is out! Stories via @6state @DiepFlapBreast

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New Blog Post from PRMA PRMA's Dr. Pisano Makes 2015 Best Doctor in America List - PRMA Plastic Surgery (DiepFlapBreast)
#FlashbackFriday to PRMA's blog archives: Prophylactic Mastectomy for #BreastCancer Prevention on the Rise - PRMA Plastic Surgery (DiepFlapBreast)
#BreastCancer patients now have far more #BreastReconstruction options after mastectomy than just a few years ago
In addition to #BRCA1 and #BRCA2 mutations, there are other genetic mutations associated with an increase in... - Prompt Study (PROMPTStudy)
ISO Experts In Reflection is out! Stories via @Frances_D @TVpsychologist @mchrysopoulo - Art.Sprunger (ISOgems)