Angela from Burren, Missouri
DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

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I live in Burren, Missouri. I had DIEP flap breast reconstruction on my right side in April of 2017 and will be doing a revision surgery on my left with Dr. C in November. I had breast cancer 8 years ago, and after failed implants, then losing my implant, I sought out information and found PRMA. I originally saw that my surgeon, who did my mastectomy, followed PRMA on Twitter, so there I began my research. I emailed PRMA and within an hour had a phone call from someone! That began my journey. I’m 55, been through multiple surgeries for breast reconstruction prior to contacting PRMA, had a gallbladder scar and wasn’t sure I’d even be a candidate for DIEP flap. I wanted to be able to reach in my closet and wear a top where I did not have to camouflage my chest and wear scarves to hide unevenness. 

Since my DEP flap surgery I feel more complete than I have in such a long time. I spent my summer in national parks doing what I love, hiking and being in nature and not worrying about infections on my radiated skin and over doing it because I could get an infection! There is so much going on in the world and it’s my hope to be a positive force to help someone! I want to do whatever I can to let others know of my positive experience and the other amazing members of my PRMA team, like Dr C's amazing nurse, sweet Denise.

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