DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Patient Stories

Let me take this opportunity to "thank you" for giving me a new perspective on life. I never though I would be as happy as I am now after hearing the words "you have breast cancer." Being single, I thought having breast cancer would put an abrupt end to my social life. If a man heard I had cancer, I though he'd run to the nearest door. How shocked I've been to discover that the exact opposite is true. They have been kinder, warmer and some have even contributed financially to a charity fundraiser I was involved in for breast cancer research.The biggest change in my life since this experience is my attitude towards work & play. I have slowed down to "smell the roses." I don't spend as much time at work - life is too much fun and I want to enjoy it!I am up early to exercise at the gym by 6 a.m., play golf every weekend and sometimes during the week if I'm lucky. I have taken skeet shooting lessons and go dancing Sunday evenings with friends. I have a very active social calendar and surround myself with people I love and cherish that I have met through work, golf, and dating.I worship the special relationships I have with the many women I have me who have also had breast cancer. We have a special bond that will always keep us together and we will strive to be there for each other.

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