Kathy from San Antonio, Texas
Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction

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I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Gary Arishita, Heather Waggoner and the PRMA staff. What a pleasure to be associated with them as a breast reconstruction patient.

After diagnosis, I went through chemotherapy, a single mastectomy then radiation. At every turn I was overwhelmed and so blessed by the level of care and compassion my various medical teams bestowed upon me.

Fortunately, my general surgeon recommended I consult with PRMA. In April of 2012 I underwent another mastectomy plus double reconstruction with a Latissumus Dorsi Flap surgery. From the start, Dr. Arishita and Heather have been so very informative and caring. I was totally mentally and emotionally prepared for surgery.

My rapid recovery from this procedure is unbelievable to me! After a few short months the scar on my back is fading quickly and I have resumed my swim workout ranging 1-2 miles a day, holding forth with the two piece I wore before surgery! I was worried about the latissimus transplant weakening my left side, but actually there is no difference! All of this and I feel great.

Post-surgical appointments are always something I look forward to. The incredible "pain free" expertise continues. My scars are healing, I’m exercising, I feel good and if I do say so myself, I look great. I’m proud to say I owe it all to Dr. Arishita, Heather and staff! I am so blessed, life is good.

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