DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Patient Stories

Even before the shock of being told I had breast cancer was over I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr Nastala at PRMA. He and the office staff were so kind and understanding and answered all of my crazy questions. I chose to have the DIEP procedure and also to have both breasts removed even though only one was affected. The staff at Methodist Hospital were knowledgeable, kind, and always available during my post op recovery. I have never regretted my decisions for surgery and my sweet husband says I look better than ever! He would like to encourage husbands to accompany their wives to appointments and procedures. A direct quote from my husband Charley – “At first I thought going with you was just for encouragement but it was way beyond that.”

We can never thank Dr. Nastala, his partners and the entire PRMA staff enough – they have a lot of heart for their patients and obvious passion for what they do. Thank you for keeping me whole!!!

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