701 Flaps and Other Exciting Accomplishments in 2018

By: Courtney Floyd


2018 has been an incredible year at PRMA Plastic Surgery!

This past year we have opened two new clinic locations, welcomed new staff to the team, began performing new lymphedema treatment procedures and set a new practice record for autologous flap breast reconstruction procedures performed in a year—701!!

This makes PRMA one of few breast reconstruction centers in the world to achieve such a high number of successful flaps in one year and we couldn’t be more proud!

“Reaching this milestone is an amazing testimony to our hearts for rebuilding lives after breast cancer,” says Dr. Chet Nastala. “Our team has worked tirelessly this year to serve our patients with the upmost care and professionalism.”

Combined, our surgeons have over 100 years of microsurgical breast reconstruction experience. We are dedicated to promoting an environment of compassion, concern and support for every patient! We will strive to not only support the patient and their family but also to support each other as the ever-changing field of medicine becomes more complex.

Flap breast reconstruction | PRMA Plastic Surgery

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