Breast Cancer Support

By: Courtney Floyd


Where can you find support during breast cancer? 

For most women, learning to live with and fight breast cancer can be very challenging. Mastectomies, chemotherapy, radiation, and even breast reconstruction are all part of treatment plans for many and can be exhausting and overwhelming.

So how do you balance the stress and emotions associated with breast cancer? Support! Everyone needs support at various times in their lives, most especially during times of uncertainty. After being diagnosed there are a tremendous amount of questions and concerns regarding treatment and reconstruction options. In addition, it may be difficult to cope with the elevator ride of emotions.

Being a part of a support group is an excellent way to surround oneself with other individuals who are experiencing the same struggles and fears that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. Open discussions about the effects of breast cancer on family, personal appearances, jobs, and even marriage can help ease some of the burdens faced by many. At the same time, there can be others in the group who have already begun their fight against breast cancer and can share their personal experiences with treatment and reconstruction.

PRMA Pink Ladies hold breast cancer support meetings every third Wednesday of the month from 6:00-7:30pm. This is an excellent time of fellowship and support for breast cancer patients. Various speakers are scheduled to discuss breast cancer topics providing our patients with valuable information. PRMA nurses are also in attendance to answer any questions. If you are interested in joining PRMA Pink Ladies, please contact Brittany at [email protected]

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