PRMA Plastic Surgery Celebrates 20 Years

By: Courtney Floyd


The physicians and staff of PRMA celebrated the 20th anniversary of Dr. Peter Ledoux and Dr. Steven Pisano Friday night at the La Cantera Grille.

The PRMA team was honored to recognize such an amazing accomplishment for the founders of PRMA who started the practice in 1994.

prma plastic surgery celebrates 20 year anniversary

A 1920’s theme seemed only appropriate for an evening of celebrating 20 years. The physicians and staff all sported 1920’s Panama hats and flapper feather head pieces to bring the 1920’s to life during the event. The evening brought great food, an exciting champagne tower toast, a slideshow walk down memory lane, and a wonderful live production starring PRMA’s own Dr. Chet Nastala on the piano. The entire evening was filled with excitement!

Dr. Ledoux and Dr. Pisano started the practice with a dream. Now 20 years later, their dream has become reality. With their drive and determination, they have impacted and changed the lives of thousands of women affected by breast cancer.

“It is truly amazing to see how blessed we have been,” stated Dr. Pisano reflecting over the last 20 years.

Since 1994, PRMA has grown to include seven surgeons, a large staff, two locations, and patients from all over the world requesting their talented hands to preform breast reconstructive surgeries such as the DIEP flap.

Congratulations Dr. Ledoux and Dr. Pisano on an amazing 20 years with another amazing 20 years to come!

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  • Catherine Lutz

    Dr. Pisano Congratulations on 20 years of amazing work. I am fortunate and blessed to have found you and PRMA and grateful for all that you’ll have done! Your commitment to women’s health is respected and appreciated as you will continue to help women during their difficult breast cancer journey. Thank you! May God continue to bless you and your family with good health! Peace Catherine F. Lutz

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