Help Support Senate Bill 3628 to Raise Awareness of Breast Reconstruction Options


As you may already know, 70% of women facing breast cancer surgery are not informed about their breast reconstruction options. Senate Bill 3628, introduced this month by Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, aims to change that.

The bill seeks to amend the Public Health Service Act to raise awareness about breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, specifically educating breast cancer patients about the availability and insurance coverage of breast reconstruction, prostheses and other options.

The law would call for breast cancer patients to be informed that:

  • Breast reconstruction is possible at the same time as mastectomy
  • Federal law mandates both public and private health plans to include coverage of breast reconstruction and prostheses
  • The patient has a right to choose their provider of reconstructive care, including the potential transfer of care to a surgeon that provides breast reconstructive care
  • The patient may opt to undergo breast reconstruction in a delayed fashion for personal reasons or after completion of all breast cancer treatments

Supporting this bill will allow patients to be better educated regarding their surgical options.

Please help us support Senate Bill 3628, The Breast Cancer Patient Education Act.

Thank you!

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