By: Courtney Floyd


Recently an ignorant comment from a TV host sparked a fire within the nursing community. For the talent portion of the Miss America completion, Miss Colorado shared a touching monologue about her profession as a nurse. The next day on The View, two of the co-hosts made mocking comments about her performance.

Since then nurses around the world have been standing up to show their support for Miss Colorado and for their profession.

I can honestly say that being a nurse is a talent. The six nurses I work with on a daily basis show a passion and heart for giving everything they have to their patients on a daily basis. They genuinely love and care for each of their patients and I see them going above and beyond to make sure they are providing the best support and care they can. It is an honor to work with the PRMA nurses and I am lucky to call them friends!

After the support for Miss Colorado began to circulate on social media, it became a topic of conversation around the office. I asked all of the nurses what they loved most about their jobs and this is what they had to say:

“I admit I watched the Miss America pageant and was pleasantly surprised by Miss Colorado wearing scrubs and giving a beautiful monologue about what it means to be a nurse. It is so disheartening to hear the ladies of a TV show mock Miss Colorado and question not only our profession, but also the sincerity and passion she has about being a nurse.

Throughout my nursing career, I have had the privilege of being the first to hold a newborn and the last to hold the hand of a dying patient. I have celebrated with my patients the triumph of cancer going into remission and cried when cancer metastasized. I work for an amazing group of physicians who listen to our concerns about our patients and respect our opinions.

We all have that one patient who changed our lives. For me, that patient was my father. He passed away from brain cancer when I was 16. I remember the wonderful care he received and the love and compassion the nurses showed my family. That is why I became a nurse. Not only to care for the sick, but to be there and help the families as well. I will proudly wear my nurse’s uniform with my stethoscope around my neck.” –Heather

“Being a nurse isn’t just about helping others. It’s about teaching, supporting, loving, caring, and motivating someone in need.” – Denise

“I am honored to walk alongside women through their breast cancer and breast reconstruction journey. The women I get to serve are an inspiration to me. I am blessed to be a part of their lives.” –Amy

“It’s incredible to be able to make a difference is someone’s life every day and to have individuals who were once a stranger leave and impression on your heart that can never be forgotten. Not everyone can say that about their career.” –Kathleen

“Each day when I come to work I know I will be fulfilled. It is so encouraging and rewarding to be able to stand by women who have overcome such a horrible disease. I am really lucky to have to opportunity to serve them.” –Jonnie

“I love my nursing career because it teaches me how to be selfless and appreciate my blessings each day. I get to help women at their lowest lows and watch them get back to the top where they belong. It is truly rewarding to see patients take hold of their lives after such an awful disease [breast cancer] tried to take it from them. My mother was one of these patients and she is my greatest inspiration in my nursing career.” –Crystal

Thank you Heather. Thank you Amy. Thank you Kathleen. Thank you Denise. Thank you Jonnie. Thank you Crystal.

The heart and compassion each of you possess is a true inspiration and we are lucky to have you here at PRMA! 

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  • Terri Coutee

    I love all the nurses at PRMA, but of course, My all time fav…... “Being a nurse isn’t just about helping others. It’s about teaching, supporting, loving, caring, and motivating someone in need.” – Denise Courtney, I applaud you for posting this and keeping the honor to nurses going! You met my sis when she came for my phase 2 DIEP flap surgery and held my hand the morning of surgery. She wasn’t wearing her stethoscope that day but she kept a quiet, respectful and loving eye on me. GO NURSES!!

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