National Cancer Survivors Day 2016

By: Courtney Floyd


What is National Cancer Survivors Day?

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day—a celebration of life! It is a day to honor those who are survivors those who have recently been diagnosed and families of those who have passed.

I reach out to several of our patients and asked what being a breast cancer survivor meant to them as individuals and was honestly touched by their responses.

“Proudly living my life with gratitude and not allowing Cancer to define me!” -Catherine L.

“For me it has felt like my life became one big doctor appointment. I’m glad I’m a survivor but it’s still hard especially because I have to see my oncologist every three months and the Tamoxifen has caused so many uncomfortable side effects. I’m still trying to find my new normal living as a cancer survivor.” -Carla B.

“Being a cancer survivor means inspiring and encouraging others. It gives a genuine meaning to living each day to the fullest and appreciating each and every moment we are given here.” -Jen R.

“Cancer survivor = Grace! Grace is equated with the power to live a good and fulfilling life, but most importantly to share my testimony and tell others what Christ has done in my life. I am a cancer SURVIVOR... by the Grace of God!!” -Amanda Esparza

“The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer I became a survivor. I have found inner strength, peace, a passion for life and the will to help others along their Journey! Surviving is thriving!” -Jessica M.

“My life is forever changed since my diagnosis of breast cancer. My surgery was actually on my birthday! It was the greatest gift of all! Every day I thank God for all the women that went before me. Those courageous women that suffered through experimental treatments, donated their tumors for scientific research, allowed surgeons to perform techniques that were new and not perfected. All this so other women could conquer cancer and feel normalcy to the best degree. Of course, I am thankful to PRMA and Dr Nastala! I have an immense feeling of gratitude every day. Life is beautiful.” -Jeanette T.

“Having survived cancer twice I feel that I live my life with far less fear. I find that being a bit more bold and brave helps me "slay that cancer dragon". I've kicked it to the curb twice and God willing won't have to again. Surrounding myself with positive, loving individuals is always good fuel for my soul as well.” -Terri C.

Sending extra love to all those effected by this terrible disease today, but also celebrating the many lives saved by latest technologies and advances in patient education and early detection.  


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  • Patricia

    CANCER SURVIVOR!!!!! It changed my life, I still suffer from aches n pain but I’m grateful that I’m still alive, waking up every morning is the best feeling to know I’m ALIVE. I’m thankful n grateful that my dearest God gave me a second chance in life. I believe in FIGHT TO SURVIVE n keep POSITIVE. Thank GOD forgiving such wonderful doctors and surgeons. Thank you DR NASTALA N PRMA for giving me a beautiful life after cancer. My life will NEVER be the same but I enjoy my life FAITH/HOPE/COURAGE/STRENGTH/

  • Terri

    Thank you, Courtney, for honoring this day and all that it means to every cancer survivor. PRMA has been instrumental in helping women diagnosed with breast cancer move beyond cancer and live life with purpose. Thank you to the dedicated micro-surgeons at PRMA and a special shout out to Dr. C for the wonderful job he did in my breast reconstruction after cancer. This entire staff embraces cancer survivors and I thank you for that on this National Cancer Survivors Day 2016! #Grateful!

  • Cindy

    I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor of 10 years. I feel so blessed. My Doctor saved my life and for that she will always be my hero.

  • Cecy

    It means to move forward. I have my scars in my body and my soul BUT I will not let them define my future nor I would allow them to keep them in the past. God granted me a second chance and I’ll live every day thanking Him!

  • PRMA Plastic Surgery

    Thank you all so much for sharing! Wishing you all a wonderful day!

  • Diana

    As a two time breast cancer survivor, I am so glad I found PRMA. Dr. Belz did my original reconstruction procedure. When she left I turned to Dr. C to carry out my revision procedures. Both are especially talented surgeons.

  • Lucienne

    I am 13 years this year and I KNOW I was blessed. I had the best surgeons and oncologist You could ever have. God is so good. I thank Dr. Ledoux for the reconstruction. There are no words except THANK YOU

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