Nurses Week 2016

By: Courtney Floyd


Today marks the beginning of National Nurses Week! We could not be more proud of our nurses here at PRMA Plastic Surgery. Every day they come to work with the hearts of angels ready to care for their patients in any way they can! Caring is the essence of the nursing profession and these beautiful gals never cease to amaze me with their outpouring of support for the many women who walk through our practice doors.

To honor our sweet nurses, I came across this poem I believe describes what I see in their hearts every day!

There's a special beauty witnessed
Every day within your role
As you care for all your patients
As you meet each nursing goal

In this role you make a difference
One that goes beyond just care
Goes beyond the role of Nursing
To a special gift you share

It's a gift that eases sorrow
Eases pain and fallen tears
One you've chosen to give freely
Without compromise or fears

In your touch there is a healing
Known on earth and high above
It's the special beauty witnessed

When a heart is touched by LOVE

- E. V. Stankowski, RN

Thank you Heather, Amy, Denise, Crystal, Jonnie, and Kathleen for everything you do! Happy Nurses Week! 

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