Patient Controlled Breast Reconstruction Now Offered at PRMA Plastic Surgery

By: Courtney Floyd


What are AirXpanders?

A new option for women choosing tissue expander to implant breast reconstruction is now offered at PRMA.

Receiving FDA clearance last year, the AeroForm Tissue Expander is the first patient controlled tissue expander available today. The expander can be placed at the time of the mastectomy or any time after, just like traditional expanders. But unlike traditional expanders, this new technology allows patients to be more in control of their expansion process.

Traditional expanders are filled over time with saline. Patients must to come into the office multiple times over the course of a couple of months for saline to be injected through the skin into the expander’s fill-port using a needle and syringe. This process is repeated until the desired breast size has been achieved.

With the AeroForm tissue expander, multiple office visits are no longer required. The new expanders use carbon dioxide which is released in small amounts from a cartridge inside the expander. The expansion process is controlled by a hand held remote and can be performed at home by the patient by pressing a single-touch button.

What are AirXpanders? | PRMA Plastic Surgery

“Patients benefit from this needle-free technology for a number of reasons,” says Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo. “AirXpander studies show the expansion process is much quicker overall compared to traditional saline expanders. Compared to larger volume fills every 10 days or so for tranditional expanders, the much smaller volume AirXpander fills performed up to 3 times a day are pretty much painless. Since expansions don’t involve piercing the skin with a needle, the risk of infection is also less.”

If you are interested in AeroForm tissue expanders and want to know if you are a candidate, please fill out our free virtual consolation form here or give us a call at 800-692-5565 to schedule your consultation.

AeroForm expanders fees are included in the U.S. Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998

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