Some Patients No Longer Required by Insurance to Wait for Breast Reconstruction

By: Courtney Floyd


Breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as mastectomy (immediate) or any time later (delayed).

Although immediate breast reconstruction is associated with the less scarring and better cosmetic results, not all are candidates. Some patients are better suited for delayed surgery.

Previously, insurance companies required those seeking delayed reconstruction to wait 90 days after mastectomy before surgery. Not anymore! Now patients can have reconstruction any time with no waiting.

This is great news for patients! Especially those traveling. Not everyone has access to surgeons performing advanced reconstruction. At PRMA, we routinely see patients from all over the world seeking DIEP flap surgery. Now, patients can have a mastectomy locally, then travel to PRMA for surgery as soon as they are comfortable.

“Removing the 90-day waiting period lowers anxiety patients feel when waiting for reconstruction,” says Patient Liaison Brittany. “We are excited to provide our services to women sooner.”

*Some patients may need radiation or other cancer treatments. In these cases, we may recommend waiting longer for reconstruction for optimal results.

*This does not apply to patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

*90 day waiting period remains between initial breast reconstruction surgery and revision surgery.

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