Physician Assistant Week 2016

By: Courtney Floyd


Who are the PAs at PRMA  Plastic Surgery? 

Today marks the first day of Physician Assistant Week and we could not be more excited to honor our amazing PAs! National PA Week takes place each year from Oct. 6–12 to celebrate the profession and its contributions to the nation’s health.

Did you know, there are more than 108,500 certified PAs around the country? Well, we believe we have the best 5 here at PRMA! These amazing women go above and beyond each and every day to ensure we provide the best care to our patients! Their level of servitude simply cannot be measured!

“We could not take care of our patients without you.” Dr. Arishita said, “We are blessed to work with such outstanding colleagues.”

Dr. Nastala added, “At PRMA, the PAs are a vital part of our healthcare team. As professionals with a Master’s degree education, they provide surgical and hospital care to all our breast cancer patients. With specialized training in surgical care, they assist under the microscope, take care of patients while they are in the hospital, and organize the day to day needs in the operating room. We are grateful for their skills, knowledge, dedication and hard work as they take excellent care of our patients. We couldn’t provide this high level of specialized care without our PAs! A special thanks to you all!”

“Thank you PAs of PRMA!!! It is a pleasure to serve alongside you helping patients through their cancer journey! May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands,” Dr. Ledoux shared.

Dr. Pisano continued the praises by saying, “The mission of PRMA is to provide comprehensive breast reconstruction to breast cancer patients and patients with genetic susceptibility to breast cancer. We perform some 700 reconstructive procedures each year. This is a staggering number, and the physicians of PRMA depend on our staff of five Physician Assistants to accomplish our mission. They serve in a variety of ways—assisting in the operating room, rounding on patients, and managing complex medical records. We the physicians of PRMA say thank you to our energetic, talented, and compassionate PAs. Job well done ladies!”

Dr. Chrysopoulo also added, “Thank you all so much for everything you do for our patients on a daily basis. You are all truly amazing ladies and professionals, and crucial to the team. We couldn’t do what we do and PRMA wouldn’t be what it is without you!”

Cheers to you Ginger, Shelley, Angel, Monica, and Heather! You are all rock star PAs! 

Who are the PAs at PRMA  Plastic Surgery?


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  • Reagan

    Hello Courtney, Good to know that you have the best certified PAs. Congrats to Ginger, Shelley, Angel, Monica, and Heather. I am curious on your services do you also do plastic surgery? My wife is looking for an affordable clinic for consultation. Thank you. Reagan of

  • PRMA Plastic Surgery

    Yes Reagan! We are proud to have these wonderful ladies on our team and yes we also do plastic surgery procedures.

PRMA Plastic Surgery