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By: Courtney Floyd


I came across an article today about a sweet mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer named Elizabeth Hutton. She discovered her breast lump just by scratching an itch under her arm! Since her diagnoses she has undergone a double mastectomy. Elizabeth now wants to use her experience to spread awareness of the disease and the importance of self-breast exams with a selfie campaign.

“The selfie campaign is about getting people to check themselves and getting their friends to check,” says Elizabeth, “It is something people can do that is very simple and can spread awareness.”

The campaign asks women to take a thumbs-up selfie photo and share the image with the hashtag #ivechecked and nominate three friends to do it as well.

At PRMA Plastic Surgery, we help rebuild lives after breast cancer by providing advanced breast reconstruction procedures to each of our patients. This disease can take so much away! We simply strive to help our patients feel whole again. Anything we can do to help promote early detection and better health for our patients is our passion! The #ivechecked campaign is a great way to easily get the word out about performing self-breast exams. They are quick, easy, and free, but (speaking from personal experience) it is easy to forget or to let too much time pass between each exam.

Self-breast exams should be performed once a month and can be done in the shower, looking in a mirror, or laying down. The goal is to be familiar with how your breasts look and feel so you can identify any changes and alert your physician to see if further testing should be done. You should feel for any lump, thickening, or hardened knot as well as look for any swelling, dimpling, or color change of the skin or nipple.

We encourage you to join in this campaign and check yourself! Remember early detection saves lives!

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