PRMA Surgeons Named 2017 Best Doctors by San Antonio Scene Magazine


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The results of the San Antonio Scene Magazine’s annual peer survey for the Best of 2017 are out!

Voted by their peers, the surgeons of PRMA have been chosen as the “best of” in the Plastic Surgery category!

“We are truly honored,” says PRMA’s Dr. Oscar Ochoa. “We all have a heart for rebuilding lives after breast cancer. It is great to have the support of our peers.”

PRMA strives to educate and support every patient and their family during their breast reconstruction journey. We are one of the leading reconstruction centers in the world. We specialize in state-of-the-art breast reconstruction techniques using the patient's own tissue to reconstruct a natural, warm, soft breast. These techniques include the DIEP, SIEA, GAP, and TUG flap.

We have performed over 7,000 reconstructions to date and typically perform more than 600 DIEP flaps per year.

Way to go PRMA! 

Meet the Surgeons of PRMA

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