PRMA Surgeons Named the Best of 2015 by San Antonio Scene

By: Courtney Floyd


The results of the 10th annual peer survey for the Best Doctors in San Antonio have been released.

PRMA is proud to announce Dr. Peter Ledoux, Dr. Steven Pisano, Dr. Chet Nastala, Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, Dr. Gary Arishita, and Dr. Oscar Ochoa have all been named the “Best of 2015” in the category of Plastic Surgeons.

The surgeons of PRMA are honored to be nominated by their peers for this award. “It is always great to see the passion and hard work we devote to each patient is notice and respected by our peers,” said Dr. Steven Pisano when informed of the award.

By combining reconstructive excellence with cosmetic surgery expertise, our surgeons strive to provide the best and most natural breast reconstruction results to women nation wide.

Winners were chosen based on the results of a survey conducted by San Antonio Scene Magazine. You can find a full listing of all the “Best of 2015” physicians can be found in the December issue of the SA Scene.

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  • Linda

    If they did a nationwide survey, they would win that too. In my opinion, there aren’t a better group of doctors out there! Dr. Pisano changed my life! I am forever grateful! Linda

  • Nadine

    And Dr Ledoux positivity changed mine. The positive encouragement with few words and the positive look in his face was so uplifting after learning the journey I was facing. Each and every member of the office offered smiles, courtesy and respect. Dr Ledoux, to quote my father “you are a Prince of a guy!”

  • Elizabeth

    I think of Dr. Nastala all the time….....I have a very happy life and I’m amazed at my results!

  • Aracellie

    I feel so honored that Dr. Ochoa, second from the right, was in this group of outstanding plastic surgeons. He did my breast reconstruction and he is not only an excellent surgeon but very caring, soft spoken, gentle. I am very grateful to him and the whole PRMA staff. I am free of cancer and I am very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Ochoa

  • Debra

    congrats to all of you for being fine plastic reconstructive surgeons. I am a woman who had a failed DIEP. What I know from my experience I would never have had the procedure in a non tertiary center. And, where’s a woman plastic surgeon on your team? Congrats for assisting women in a difficult time smile

  • Terri

    Much deserved congrats Dr. C. Thank you for making my 800 mile journey worth every minute. A team of rock stars indeed!

  • Kathryn

    So well deserved! I’m SO thankful for Dr. C and the incredible team at PRMA. A life changing experience for sure. Something that seems so scary resulted in such gratitude and happiness. Agreed that if there was a national award to be give they would take that too!!

  • Patty

    Dr. Chrysopoulo made me feel so at ease and I knew immediately that I was in the best hands possible. I can’t thank him enough for the compassion he has for his patients. The staff at PRMA are the best. Thank you Dr. C

  • Blanca

    Dr. Peter Ledoux is amazing! Both my husband and I thank God for him. He always made me feel safe. He made us laugh. Best of all were his prayers before performing surgery on me. I am thrilled with my results and would recommend him and all of PRMA , nurses, and front office staff to any woman facing the huge decision of reconstruction after breast cancer surgery!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanne

    Thanks to PRMA and staff. Dr. Arishita is superb. He was very genteel and soft spoken and made me feel very safe throughout my journey. He is an incredibly brilliant surgeon. I have recommended him and the PRMA group to several women. This group certainly deserves this honor and many more for helping so many women. I thank God for putting me into Dr. Arishita’s hands.

  • Misty

    congrats to all the PRMA surgeons. Dr. Ledoux is my surgeon and I knew immediately upon meeting him that he was the right Dr. For me, hands down. I am just a month out from phase 1 and he has helped me regain so much of the confidence that cancer took from me. Definitely worth the trip from Oregon for these doctors. I would do it again tomorrow if I had to….thanks PRMA and Dr Ledoux.

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