Another Record Breaking Month at PRMA - October 2018

By: Courtney Floyd


How many DIEP flaps does PRMA Plastic Surgery perform in a month?

We've done it yet again!  For the second time this year, PRMA Plastic Surgery has set another record for number of DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedures in one month!

For the month of October, our surgeons performed a record breaking 79 DIEP flaps. 

By doing so, PRMA is recognized as one of very few breast reconstruction centers in the world to set this milestone.

“We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best care,” says Dr. Ramon Garza. "It's an honor to be able to impact so many lives in one month."

PRMA continues to lead the way in advanced breast reconstruction as one of the largest, most renowned centers specializing in free flap surgeries like the popular DIEP flap.

How many DIEP flaps has PRMA Plastic Surgery performed?

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