Reflecting On Pinktober

By: Courtney Floyd


I cannot believe October is already over! I honestly feel like it was just yesterday when the surgeons of PRMA began wearing their new hot pink scrubs to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness month!

We truly had an amazing fast paced month packed filled with health fairs, galas, fundraising, and education!

As I reflect over these past few weeks, I am reminded of why it is so important to not only bring awareness to this terrible disease, but to also educate women on their options!

At our BRA (breast reconstruction awareness) Day event this year I spoke with a wonderful gal who had just been diagnosed and was considering reconstruction. She had already consulted with a plastic surgeon, but was never told there were options for reconstruction surgery. She was completely blown away about the possibility of having a DIEP flap and was so excited to learn more!

Just a few days ago, a lady from out of state called and wanted to know the cost for breast reconstruction surgery. She expressed she had been saving for a while now and thought she had finally saved enough. When I questioned her about insurance, she had no idea using her insurance was even a possibility! I let her know that the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) passed in Congress in 1998 mandating insurance to cover the cost of reconstruction if the cost of mastectomy was covered.

Education and spreading the word is key to making a difference—and having fun while doing so makes it that much easier! Every women has a choice when it comes to reconstruction, and insurance does cover it!

I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated in all of the great events we had this month and I am proud to say that our efforts (however big or small) did make a difference!

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