Traveling for Breast Reconstruction – Help with Travel and Accommodation Costs

By: Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo


Is traveling for breast reconstruction manageable? 

A growing number of breast cancer patients are now choosing to travel for their care, particularly for some of the more advanced breast reconstruction procedures. Insurance may cover the health care expenses but the cost of the hotel and air fare falls on the patient.

Now, some patients may qualify for financial assistance to cover these extra expenses thanks to two special programs:

Assistance with Air Travel Expenses

The American Cancer Society (ACS) Air Miles program is a joint effort between Mercy Medical Airlift (MMA)/National Patient Travel Helpline (NPATH) and the American Cancer Society. The program is designed to help patients with the cost of air fare when traveling for cancer-related treatment. Please call the ACS at (800) 227-2345 to find out if you are eligible for help with air travel. 

American Cancer Society (ACS) Accommodation Program

San Antonio hotels have partnered with the American Cancer Society to offer breast cancer patients accommodation at either low or no charge on a space-available basis. This program is for patients who receive treatment at least 50 miles from their place of residence. One caregiver is welcome to travel with the patient At least two weeks advance notice is usually required. The program only applies to lodging Monday through Thursday. We encourage patients living more than 50 miles from San Antonio to call the American Cancer Society on (877) 227-1618 for more information and to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Is traveling for breast reconstruction manageable?

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