We Have Launched Our New Breast Reconstruction Website

By: Courtney Floyd


We are proud to announce the unveiling of our updated website. PRMA-enhance.com is a site devoted to increasing awareness and education of advanced breast reconstruction procedures available to any individual who has been impacted by breast cancer.

The new website offers individualized information on breast reconstruction options for users at any stage in their journey. Whether a visitor has just been diagnosed, has already had a mastectomy or lumpectomy, or is seeking preventative surgery do a high risk of developing breast cancer, PRMA-enhance.com has the personalized information easily accessible.

“Today’s breast reconstruction techniques can achieve very natural looking results, but not all options are right for everyone,” says Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo. “Individuals have the right to decide for themselves which procedure is most appropriate for them. To do this, they need objective information to understand the various methods available and what each entail in terms of surgery, recovery and cosmetic outcome."

Easily-navigated, visitors can review video and illustrated descriptions of today’s most advanced procedures (including the DIEP, SIEA, GAP, TUG, and Latissimus Dorsi flaps, as well as implant reconstruction) via the new interactive infographics. A photo gallery is also available for viewing before-and-after patient photos. Answers to frequently asked questions, information on insurance coverage), and the latest news and research can all be found on the new site. Visitors to PRMA-enhance.com can also gain valuable insight from former patients by reading and watching their breast reconstruction testimonials.

"Women who are curious or confused about their breast reconstruction options can learn more about various procedures, see actual patient results, and review the background and experience of PRMA's surgical team; they can do all this at their leisure from the privacy of their homes," says Chrysopoulo.

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