World Cancer Day 2016

By: Courtney Floyd


We can. I can.

Cancer affects individuals in different ways, but we all have the power to enact change! World Cancer Day is a chance to reflect on what you can do to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

So how can YOU enact change? In their three year campaign “We can. I can.” the World Cancer Day organization has some ideas to get you inspired!

We Can: Inspire action and take action, prevent cancer, challenge perceptions, create healthy environments, improve access to cancer care, build a quality cancer workforce, mobilize our networks to drive progress, shape policy change, make the case for investigating in cancer control, and work together for increased impact.

I Can: Make healthy lifestyle choices, understand that early detection saves lives, ask for support, support others, take control of my cancer journey, love and be loved, be myself, return to work, share my story, and speak out.

I encourage you all to be the change you are inspired to be! There is nothing too simple or complex!

Here is how a few of the PRMA staff are making a difference…

World Cancer Day 2016

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