Lymphedema Surgery Live Q&A with Dr. Ramon Garza III


Lymphedema is a chronic condition where excess fluid collects in the body causing swelling. Most commonly, lymphedema occurs in the arms or legs.

Patients are at a high risk for lymphedema if they have had lymph nodes removed from the under arm during breast cancer surgery. The risk is also increased following radiation treatment. Common symptoms of lymphedema include heaviness in the arm, swelling in the hand or arm, dull pain in the affected arm, or decreased of range of motion.

Although lymphedema is a complication related to breast cancer surgery, it can present in patients years after their initial surgery. For high risk patients, it is important to be evaluated by a lymphedema therapist early to help prevent lymphedema.At PRMA Plastic Surgery we offer two surgical treatment options for lymphedema of the upper extremity. Join us via Facebook LIVE October 17th for an open discussion on these surgical procedures.

Lymphedema Surgery Live Q&A with Dr. Ramon Garza III

Oct 17th
5:30pm - 6:30pm


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