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Why does breast cancer develop and how come certain patients are resistant to established therapies?
Researchers find a class of drugs used to treat estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer might also reduce the spread of triple-negative breast cancer.
A high intake of grilled, barbecued, or smoked meats has been linked to increased mortality risk among breast cancer survivors in a new study.
Deregulation and inhibition of the immune system contributes to cancer development.
A large study of breast cancer patients shows that self-reported cognitive impairment is a substantial problem for as long as 6 months after chemotherapy.
Breast cancer researchers from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have developed a novel approach for identifying how chemicals in the environment - called environmental...
In a survey of women who underwent treatment for early-stage breast cancer in one breast, contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM; both breasts are surgically removed, the breast that contains...
Scientists test the effect of a spicy molecule called capsaicin on lab-grown cancer cells. Findings may help treatment for triple-negative breast cancer.
In spite of the many drugs available to treat breast cancer, resistance continues to be a problem.
Tomosynthesis is a new method of breast screening that appears to be more reliable than a regular mammogram. It provides a 3-D image of the breasts.
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