About Us

The surgeons and staff of PRMA strive to provide top quality, personalized care and results beyond expectations for all patients seeking reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery.

PRMA is one of the leading breast reconstruction practices in the world, routinely welcoming out-of-state and international patients. We specialize in state-of-the-art breast reconstruction techniques that use the patient's own tissue to reconstruct a "natural", warm, soft breast. These techniques include the DIEPSIEAGAP, and TUG flap procedures.

We are in-network for most US insurance plans and do not balance bill.

We also offer a wide spectrum of cosmetic procedures including tummy tuckbreast augmentationbreast reduction and breast lift.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to promoting an environment of compassion, concern and support for every patient regardless of social or economic status or type of insurance. We will strive to not only support the patient and their family but also to support each other as the ever-changing field of medicine becomes more complex.

Honesty and Integrity, Compassion and Caring, make up the foundation of PRMA and at no point shall these principles be compromised.

PRMA Plastic Surgery