Before and after photos
Thigh Flap Breast Reconstruction Before & After Photos

Viewing thigh flap before and after photos can be helpful when determining the best breast reconstruction procedure for you. Thigh flaps (such as the TUG, VUG, PAP, LTP, or ALT flap) can be a great option for women interested in “natural” breast reconstruction who want to avoid an abdominal scar, or aren’t candidates for a DIEP flap.

Reconstructed breasts created from a patient’s own living tissue provide a “natural”, soft and warm breast that can’t be achieved using implants or temporary prostheses. While most patients prefer the DIEP flap technique (which uses a woman’s lower abdominal tissue), it typically is not an option for patients who have had previous extensive tummy tucks, who don’t have adequate abdominal fat, or who prefer to avoid scarring across the abdomen.  For these patients, a thigh flap procedure may be a good option. The “best” thigh flap option will depend on the individual’s tissue distribution.

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