before and after photos
Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction Photos

Viewing DIEP flap before and after photos can be helpful when determining the best breast reconstruction procedure for you.  The DIEP flap and the SIEA flap use the patient’s own abdominal skin and fat to restore a natural, warm, soft breast after mastectomy. Unlike the TRAM flap, the DIEP and SIEA preserves all the abdominal muscles. Only abdominal skin and fat are removed similar to a “tummy tuck“. Saving the abdominal muscles means patients have less pain, enjoy a faster recovery, maintain their core strength long-term, and have a lower risk of abdominal complications.

Regardless of if the procedure is performed at the same time as the mastectomy or years later, patients can achieve natural and satisfactory outcomes as demonstrated in these before and after photos.

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