Meet the team
Meet PRMA’s Breast Reconstruction Surgeons & Team

Specializing in advanced breast reconstruction, our surgeons have over 100 years of experience. Get to know our surgeons and team via their bios below.

Dr Peter Ledoux, PRMA Plastic Surgery, San Antonio & Stone Oak, Texas | Specialist in breast reconstruction, microsurgery, restoring feeling after mastectomy, aesthetic plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, TruSense®, High Definition DIEP flap

Dr. Peter Ledoux

Dr. Peter Ledoux received his M.D. from Wayne State University in 1987. As part of his medical training Dr. Ledoux has completed multiple internships, residencies, fellowships and has participated in medical studies.


Luisa, RN

Luisa Garcia, RN



Emily Reinert, RN


Katy Wemmert, RN


Savana, RN

Savana Fox, RN

Denise Campos, RN

Joyce Gonzales, RN 


Jonnie Herrera, RN 

Gaby Folawn, RN

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