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Completion Mastectomy

For patients who have had a prior lumpectomy, with or without radiation, and are unhappy with the resulting contour irregularities, completion mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction can provide a much better cosmetic result and improved breast symmetry. For some patients, removing the remaining breast tissue and avoiding the need for continued screening are added benefits of this approach.

Now vs Later
At PRMA, We Often See Lumpectomy Patients Who Are Unhappy With Their Cosmetic Outcome After Breast Conservation And Are Exploring Reconstructive Options To Improve Their Overall Cosmetic Results.

Lumpectomy followed by radiation can leave the remaining breast tissue firm and more prone to scarring, especially in women with smaller breasts and male breast cancer patients. In these situations, preserving the remaining breast tissue can be very difficult with limited reconstructive options for a cosmetically acceptable result.

A completion mastectomy removes the remaining breast tissue. In patients interested in breast reconstruction, the completion mastectomy is performed in a way that preserves as much of the overlying breast skin as possible, and can be combined with a variety of breast reconstruction techniques. For patients with a history of chest or breast radiation, autologous reconstruction using the patients own tissue is strongly recommended due to the increased risks associated with implant-based reconstruction in radiated patients.

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