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Unusually large breasts can cause cosmetic concerns, medical problems and self-esteem issues for many women. For this reason, breast reduction surgery is often covered by insurance. The goal of every breast reduction procedure is to create an aesthetic and flattering breast shape while achieving a more proportioned breast size.

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Breast Reduction Surgery Boasts Some Of The Highest Satisfaction Rates Of All Plastic Surgery Procedures

Breast reduction surgery boasts some of the highest satisfaction rates of all plastic surgery procedures. Benefits include relief of back and neck pain, improvement in posture, and also prevention of skeletal deformities that can develop in large-breasted women over time.

In addition to improving health, the surgery can also improve the lifestyle of many women. Daily activities such as exercise become easier, and freedom from the added weight gives most women the confidence to try new activities. Our breast reduction before and after photos show how significant the improvement can be after this procedure.

Our patients can combine a breast reduction procedure with a breast lift and targeted liposuction for further refinement. A variety of incisions can be used depending on the degree of reduction required. Many patients are candidates for minimally invasive or “short-scar” breast reduction techniques. These techniques utilize smaller incisions and significantly decrease the amount of final scarring on the breast.

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