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Breast Reconstruction
What is High Definition DIEP™ flap breast reconstruction?

As we continue to refine our reconstructive techniques, one area of focus has been optimizing the donor site and enhancing the aesthetic outcome for our patients. Through ongoing evolution, we have developed the High Definition DIEP™ flap technique which aims to maximize the aesthetic appearance of both the donor site and the reconstructed breast. To achieve this, we incorporate a range of techniques that draw from the aesthetic world, such as utilizing advanced donor site closure techniques, liposuction, and fatgrafting during revision procedures. By combining these approaches, we are able to achieve a more refined and aesthetically pleasing contour overall.

How does high definition DIEP™ flap differ from regular DIEP flap breast reconstruction?

In surgical procedures involving tissue transfer, the first step involves elevating tissues from the abdominal area. The tissues are then carefully brought up to the chest region and connected with blood vessels. In some cases, nerves may also be connected if they are available. This complex process requires careful precision and expertise to ensure the successful transplantation of tissues and restoration of vital connections for optimal outcomes. Our approach to donor site management differs from traditional methods. By utilizing a carefully selected patient cohort, we are able to improve the overall contour of the abdominal and hip area, achieving a more athletic and toned appearance. As we progress into the revision phase, our technique involves high volume liposuction, which allows us to perform further liposculpture of the abdominal wall, torso, and posterior regions. This process is supplemented by the addition of fat grafting to enhance the reconstruction further, producing an overall improved aesthetic outcome. At PRMA, we are the pioneers of the High Definition DIEP™ Flap. Our team of surgeons provides are dedicated to providing exceptional breast reconstruction care to patients from not only across Texas and the United States, but from all over the world. We take pride in our outstanding global reputation for excellence in this field, and our commitment to continuously striving for the best possible patient outcomes is unwavering.
What Are The Benefits Of High Def DIEP™ Flap?

The primary advantages of this procedure are a significantly improved aesthetic contour and a more toned, athletic appearance. Specifically, the procedure focuses on enhancing the contour definition of the abdominal region, including the “six-pack area.” While the procedure does not actually create a six-pack, it does yield an overall aesthetic contour that appears more toned and defined, accentuating the patient’s natural curves.
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What Determines If You Are A Candidate For The High Def DIEP™ ?

It all depends on the patient’s health and body shape. Some patients have the right proportions, torso length, width, and abdominal wall thickness that make them ideal candidates. During the closing process, if we can use special sutures to shape the area and reveal their curves, then they’re perfect for the procedure. It may take a little extra time during surgery, but it’s worth it for the fantastic results.

What Is The Role Of Body Contouring In High Def DIEP™ ?

Body contouring refers to a broad category of plastic surgery procedures aimed at enhancing the overall shape and appearance of the body. High def DIEP represents a unique intersection between high definition body contouring and breast reconstruction with DIEP. However, body contouring encompasses a much wider range of procedures, including more complex interventions such as those indicated for patients who have undergone massive weight loss. High def DIEP represents an exciting meeting point between these two areas of plastic surgery, highlighting the potential for innovative approaches to enhance the aesthetic outcomes for patients.

What Does High Definition DIEP™ Flap Recovery Look Like?

The overall recovery is the same as the DIEP Flap. However, patients do report a little more tightness in their abdominal wall as you’d expect.

High Definition DIEP™ Flap Key Information

  • The High Def DIEP™ is the most advanced form of breast reconstruction available today
  • It uses the patient’s own abdominal skin and fat to restore a natural, warm, soft breast after mastectomy
  • Unlike the TRAM, the High Def DIEP ™ preserves all the abdominal muscles
  • Most patients are also candidates for sensory nerve reconstruction
  • Women also enjoy the added benefit of a contoured abdomen similar to a “tummy tuck”
  • Vascularized lymph node transfer can be performed at the same time to treat arm lymphedema
  • A team of two microsurgeons performs every procedure
  • PRMA performs over 700 DIEP surgeries each year
  • Our success rate is over 99%
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