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Brachioplasty or “upper arm lift” is a procedure that can be used to correct sagging skin in the upper arm area. This procedure has become increasingly popular in patients who have had a significant weight loss. Unfortunately, after significant weight loss, most patients will have redundant skin in multiple areas including their upper arms. A brachioplasty can help create contour in the upper arm area. This can improve hygiene in the area, improve fit of clothing, and overall self-image.

A brachioplasty procedure involves removing excess skin from the upper arm area. Sometimes the skin to be removed can be extended to the armpit area and upper outer chest/back area. Sometimes liposuction is done at the same time to improve contour in the area. Patients should understand that they are trading a better shape/form for a scar that is placed on the skin in the upper arm/armpit. As plastic surgeons, we do everything possible to minimize scarring and keep scars hidden, but some scarring is expected whenever an incision is made in the skin.

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