PRMA Believes In Shared Decision Making

By: Courtney Floyd


What is shared-decision making and why is it important in the breast reconstruction journey? 

Every breast reconstruction journey is different and each individuals reason for choosing said journey is unique. But one thing remains the same—shared decision making is key for success!

Shared decision making is the most important aspect of patient centered health care! Patients and their physicians work together to make the best decisions for individualized care. It is our belief at PRMA that each patient is unique, and as such, no two breast reconstruction journeys will be alike.

Our surgeons want to know about YOU! During your consultation we want to discuss your needs, your expectations, and most importantly what you want. Then, based on your medical history, your surgeon will address each of these points from a patient health and safety perspective. We want to ensure you know all of your options when it comes to reconstruction, and the pros and cons of each.

Once everything is discussed a plan will be in place. Your plan. Created by you and your surgeon for YOU! 

What is shared-decision making and why is it important in the breast reconstruction journey? | PRMA Plastic Surgery

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  • Allison Burley

    How I wish my mastectomy journey had begun at PRMA!  My home is in Georgia and there are only two options given to women here.  I could either have implants or a Tram Flap procedure where I would lose my stomach muscle.  I wanted to keep my stomach muscle and went with the less invasive choice of implants.  When I woke up after my mastectomy and implant breast reconstruction, I was in SO much pain!  I literally couldn’t move I hurt so bad.  One drain under my left armpit had already made my skin red and painfull.  Two weeks later, my left breast was hiot and red and I had a fever that made me delirious.  It turns out I had MRSA!  Since this deadly infection loves plastic, my expanders had to come out a week later.  Immediately I felt better physically but emotionally I felt like my chest was so ugly.  The whole experience was so awful that I just decided on wearing a prosthesis.  I looked good with clothes on but I avoided looking at myself in the mirror because it made me feel depressed. 

    During the next four years, I researched breast reconstruction and was surprised and pleased to find the DIEP Flap procedure.  Not many places were doing this microsurgery but I remember being most pleased by PRMA in San Antonio (with over 600 DIEP Flap procedures done each year). I really liked that PRMA did these procedures all the time not just periodically.  Also, PRMA’s website answered all of my questions, showed before and after pictures, and had a video animation of the procedure.  After four years, everything fell into place for me to have this surgery in San Antonio.  My college roommate from 34 years ago was able to come and take care of me.  Her daughter had a place in San Antonio that we could stay while she was away on an optometry internship.  These were unexpected blessings!  I was able to pull money out of a Roth IRA and get a surgery date right after school was out where I worked as a teacher.  I found two camps and a friend (along with my husband) to take care of my son.  God was with me every step of the way..

    Since I needed a recliner, I was able to rent a really comfortable one at Rent-a Center for $50 plus dollars.  They delivered it, set it up, and then picked it up before I left Texas.  Uber was nice to use since a rental was expensive. 

    Dr. Arishita was my PRMA surgeon.  He was so patient and kind.  He listened to me and answered all of my questions.  My surgery went flawlessly and I was surprised at how well I felt when I woke up.  I was up walking the next day and couldn’t believe it.  I kept waiting for the pain to hit and it never did.  PRMA uses an ERAS protocol which includes nerve blocks during surgery.  Whatever it is, I’m a believer!  I feel great and smile now when I look in the mirror.  Thanks PRMA!

    • PRMA

      Thank you so much for sharing your story Allison!  We are so honored to have served you during this journey.

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