Breast Revision Surgery

Breast reconstruction is usually performed in stages. A second procedure—referred to as the "revision stage"—is designed to fine-tune the reconstructed breast(s) in order to improve the overall cosmetic appearance. This procedure is typically performed three months after the initial reconstruction as a day surgery (outpatient).

The exact details of the revision stage differ depending on the type of breast reconstruction the patient had initially.

Flap Reconstruction

Flap revision involves shaping the breasts and making them as symmetric as possible in terms of size and shape. Fat injections can be used to address contour deformities and make the breasts look and feel more natural. The donor site scar (the scar from where the tissue was taken) is also revised to minimize its appearance as much as possible and improve the contour of the donor site. Nipple reconstruction is also performed at this stage whenever possible if the patient did not have a nipple-sparing mastectomy.

2-Stage Implant Reconstruction

Once the tissue expanders are adequately filled they are exchanged for permanent breast implants. Two types of breast implants are available to patients: Saline and Silicone. We advise that you speak with your plastic surgeon to decide which implant is best for you. The implant pocket(s) can be adjusted if needed to improve symmetry. Fat grafting can also be performed at this stage to improve the overall breast contour and make the results as natural as possible.

Revision of Reconstruction Performed Elsewhere

The PRMA surgeons also frequently perform revision surgery on women who are unhappy with their results from surgery performed at other institutions. Please contact us here or call our office at 800-692-5565 to schedule a consultation.

Key Points:

  • Revision surgery is designed to fine-tune the reconstructed breast(s) and donor site
  • It is typically performed three months after the initial reconstruction as an outpatient surgery
  • The revision stage will differ depending on the initial type of reconstruction
  • PRMA frequently performs revision surgery on women with unsatisfactory reconstruction results from surgery performed elsewhere. To schedule a consultation, please contact us here or call us on (800) 692-5565.