DIEP Flap Pre-Operative Instructions

PRMA is honored to serve patients traveling from across the globe

We routinely cater to patients traveling to San Antonio for breast reconstruction or cosmetic surgery. We will be happy to assist you in making any travel and lodging arrangements required to make your stay as easy and pleasurable as possible. Several accommodation options are available and are listed below.

We do ask that patients coming from out-of-state arrive at least 24 hours before their scheduled surgery. Prolonged immobility from a flight or long drive increases the risk of a blood clot after surgery. This risk goes away if patients allow at least 24 hours between the trip and the surgery.

Although the idea of traveling for breast reconstruction surgery can seem overwhelming, it is easier than you may think. Watch some of our traveling patient testimonies below for personal insight from women who have traveling from across the globe to PRMA.

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