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A Year in Review at PRMA – 2020

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin The COVID-19 global pandemic is an event that has made 2020 a year like no other. It can be hard to feel optimistic or reflect on the good with a year full of unprecedented change. “This past year has brought us many terrible hardships and caused us to pause and […]

Breast Reconstruction Surgery and Your Period
Breast Reconstruction Surgery and Your Period

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin During our pre-operative appointment with patients, a topic that occasionally arises is menstrual cycles.  It is completely normal for women to experience changes with their periods throughout breast cancer treatments.  These can be temporary or permanent.  Periods can be unpredictable following treatment options like chemotherapy.  Surgery can also impact menstrual […]

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What Bras and Abdominal Girdles to Wear After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin When preparing for breast reconstruction surgery, many patients want to know what types of bras and abdominal girdles they should plan to wear after surgery. Although every surgeon has slightly different preferences, we have put together this overview to provide helpful insight. Surgical Bras Immediately after breast reconstruction surgery, you […]

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PRMA’s BRA Day Virtual Event Recap

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Yesterday we celebrated Breast Reconstruction Awareness day! Although we missed seeing everyone in person this year, we were still able to spread education and awareness on ALL reconstructive options through our virtual efforts.  We were also able to share information on the many amazing organizations supporting the breast cancer and […]

Second Stage DIEP Flap Surgery
Second Stage DIEP Flap Surgery

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin DIEP flap breast reconstruction is typically comprised of at least two stages for the best outcomes.  The second stage of surgery is commonly referred to as the “revision” stage and is usually performed about three months after the initial reconstruction.  The purpose of the second stage of DIEP surgery is […]

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If ‘Flaps’ Are Such A Great Breast Reconstruction Option, Why Doesn’t Everyone Get Them?

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Flap-based breast reconstruction procedures, like the DIEP flap, offer patients a safe, natural implant-alternative option to reconstruction after a mastectomy.  Flap surgeries are permanent and are associated with fewer complications after radiation when compared to implant reconstruction options.  Patients also report less pain and an easier recovery experience following flap […]

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Comparing APEX Flap and DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin We have been receiving numerous inquiries about the “APEX flap” recently.  Patients want to know what it is and how it differs from the DIEP flap. APEX is an acronym that stands for “Abdominal Perforator Exchange”.  Many patients believe it is a new breast reconstruction procedure for patients choosing to […]