A Beautiful Journey

By: Courtney Floyd


A few months ago I was approached by a young lady I had only had the pleasure of speaking to via phone and email. Her name was Angie and she was interested in the DIEP flap breast reconstruction. I chatted with her a little about the surgery, and because she would be coming from out of state, we discussed the out of state patient procedures and travel arrangements.

After a couple weeks we were booking her consultation and surgery date! She was such a pleasure to serve and I was so excited for her to be coming to PRMA!

As her surgery date got closer, she contacted me again with an idea. She thought her fellow breast cancer sisters should have an inside look at the DIEP flap experience through her eyes, so she asked if she could make a video diary of her journey. What an amazing idea!

Her service and love for other women affected by breast cancer is a true pleasure to witness and I send sincere thanks to her and her husband for their honesty and vulnerability in sharing this video. Thanks Angie and Jason!

Follow along with Angie below. To read her full story click here. 

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  • PRMA

    i had the privlidge of going along on this amazing journey when my best friend had the Deip flap surgery a year ago. I was and am totally amazed at how she recovered from this surgery. I was her care taker and loved seeing the progress, and her delight in the results. We owe a thank you to my oncologist for giving us a heads up about PRMA!

  • PRMA

    Angie, this video is real, positive and so very helpful. I applaud your strength in both making this video while healing as well as speaking to other women about this journey. To see it live and first hand will guide others in making the decision to rebuild their lives. Thank you!!

  • PRMA

    Thanks Angie for such a positive and inspirational video. I will have the diep done in August 2015. Thank you!

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