A Journey To PRMA For Breast Reconstruction: Overcoming Breast Cancer​

A Journey to PRMA for Breast Reconstruction: Overcoming Breast Cancer

A Journey To PRMA For Breast Reconstruction: Overcoming Breast Cancer​
Facing the Diagnosis: The Start of a Challenging Journey

Breast cancer—two words that strike fear into the hearts of women everywhere. Hoping they never have to hear them in their lifetime. Despite being a common concern, it’s still a topic many avoid. A journey to PRMA offers hope for those navigating this challenging path.

Our patient’s story isn’t unique in its initial fear and routine vigilance. As the daughter of a mother diagnosed with breast cancer in the 80s, Christine was always diligent with her annual breast exams and mammograms.

In December 2019, she noticed a small lump where a “clipped” mass. By April 2020, the lump was undeniable, prompting a visit to her doctor. The dreaded call came on April 20th, 2020. Tears flowed as her husband drove her to the appointment, where her doctor confirmed her fear—she had breast cancer.

Navigating a cancer diagnosis during a pandemic added layers of complexity. Starting a new job in February 2020, dealing with COVID-19 in March. Then facing cancer in April was overwhelming. Thankfully, her boss was understanding, a grace not all cancer patients experience.

The physical and emotional toll was immense. Her long hair, a symbol of femininity and personal identity, fell out in clumps two weeks into chemotherapy. She eventually cut it all off in a tearful, solitary moment before her husband helped shave it completely.

One of the challenging moments for Christine occurred when she consulted with her initial plastic surgeon before her double mastectomy. With oncologist approval for reconstruction post-radiation, she faced the news that she was not a good candidate for implants. This was due to the risks associated with radiated tissue. This led her to restart the search for a new plastic surgeon.

Choosing PRMA: Innovative Breast Reconstruction Solutions

However, every cloud has a silver lining. Before this turn of events, she and her husband had been weighing the pros and cons of implants. They considered the risks and the feedback from other women. Many shared that implants often didn’t “feel real” and were always cold to the touch.

Her search brought her to PRMA Plastic Surgery, where she found our transformative approach. We specialize in using a patient’s own skin and tissue to reconstruct breasts, a method that offers several advantages. This technique significantly reduces the risk of rejection and complications because the reconstructed breast is made from the patient’s own tissue. 

Choosing PRMA for her breast reconstruction allowed her to move forward with confidence, knowing she was receiving personalized care that prioritized her unique medical history and future well-being.

Her story highlights the importance of diligence, perseverance, and finding the right support and medical team, like PRMA, to navigate the complex journey of breast cancer and reconstruction.

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