Celebrating Life After DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

By: Courtney Floyd


How do patients feel one year after DIEP flap breast reconstruction? 

A little over a year after her breast cancer diagnosis, Michelle is celebrating life.

After her diagnosis she came to consult with Dr. Oscar Ochoa to learn more about her surgical options to rebuild her breast after mastectomy. She ultimately decided to proceed with immediate DIEP flap breast reconstruction. This means she was able to have both her mastectomy and reconstruction on the same day. “You never have the trauma of not having breasts,” said Michelle about her decision.

Sweet Michelle wanted to share her experience in hopes of encouraging and educating others of their options. “Now I wear a swimsuit to the pool,” even after breast cancer she says.

Watch below to hear more about Michelle’s breast reconstruction journey! 

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  • Samantha Cutts

    Hello I had stage 4 Ductal Carcinoma and underwent years of chemo n removed only right breast at the time. 6wks ago I had the DIEP flap reconstruction and removal of the left breast at the same time 12hr surgery straight through. My tummy just wondering do U like eat normally or less becoz of the tummy tuck?

    • PRMA

      Hey Samantha!  You can eat normally after DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

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