Confident After Breast Cancer at New York Fashion Week

By: Courtney Floyd


Breast cancer survivor and PRMA Plastic Surgery patient Jen Reynolds confidently presented her body after breast cancer and breast reconstruction to the world on the runway during New York Fashion week.

Jen was joined in AnoaOno’s fashion show by many models—all of whom have been impacted by breast cancer. The AnaOno collection showcased a beautiful lingerie line specifically designed for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

“These are the moments in life, these amazing, unforgettable moments that I won’t ever take for granted. Each one of those moments, I take something away, and I learn something about myself,” says Jen when reflecting on her journey.

“We have to find acceptance that our bodies are forever changed and then embrace that change,” shares Jen. “Most importantly, we accept that we were given a platform to change the way that others see beauty, the way others see confidence, and the way others have stereotyped breast cancer as the ‘easy’ or ‘pretty’ cancer. Acceptance that we are the dangerous ones, the ones who speak up, the ones who advocate for those who can no longer.”

And this opportunity was the perfect platform for just that!

“Each and every woman who walked down that run way with me has looked in the mirror completely stripped of everything…our hair, our eyebrows, our eyelashes, and our breasts. We have had tubes hanging out of us at some point, multiple IV’s, multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, weight gain, weight loss, depression, anxiety, fear, loss. Unfortunately, we have lost too many friends who are not here to share that story…and so we walked in confidence for them all.”

Jen’s heart and passion for supporting her fellow breast cancer survivors is not just found on the runway! Jen is also the co-founder of a local non-profit organization Pink Warrior Angels. Pink Warrior Angels is focused on providing direct support to those that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This amazing organization firmly believes that no one should ever feel alone in their journey by providing resources, financial assistance, and emotional support to those in need.

We were truly honored to support AnaOno’s mission to empower those impacted by breast cancer and we join them! At PRMA, we strive to empower patients by providing education on ALL breast reconstruction options. Although reconstruction is not for everyone, we believe it is important for every individual to be fully informed of all their options before undergoing breast cancer surgery.

Breast Reconstruction is our passion. We specialize in state-of-the art breast reconstruction procedures including the DIEP flap. To date we have performed over 8,500 breast reconstructions, including over 7,000 microsurgical flap procedures, making PRMA one of the leading breast reconstruction centers in the World.

We hope that women and men everywhere impacted by breast cancer will feel empowered by these amazing women who rocked the runway! We hope they feel educated on all their breast reconstruction options in order to make the best decisions for them. And most of all, we hope they feel confident in who they are after breast cancer.  breast cancer | new york fashion week | anaono | prma plastic surgery

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