DIEP Flap vs Implant Breast Reconstruction

By: Courtney Floyd

September 15, 2014

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to breast reconstruction. Knowing all of your options is crucial before deciding on any surgery.

Women often come to PRMA for consultation thinking reconstruction with implants is the only option available. In reality, most women actually have several options including various perforator flap procedures which use the patient's own tissue to reconstruct a more "natural" breast.

The gold standard in tissue reconstruction is the DIEP flap procedure which uses the patient's lower tummy skin and fat, rather like a tummy tuck. Key differences between the DIEP flap and implant breast reconstruction include:

implant vs flap breast reconstruction

PRMA patient Debbie was sure she would have reconstruction with implants. However, after hearing all her options during her consultation with Dr Chrysopoulo, she chose the DIEP flap instead. Watch her story below!

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