Fat Grafting and Breast Reconstruction Video Chat Recap

By: Courtney Floyd


What is fat grafting and how is it used in breast reconstruction? 

Dr. Chrysopoulo sat down with Terri Coutee (DIEPCFoundation) to join the Anti-Cancer Club for a live video chat on fat grafting and how it is used in breast reconstruction.

It was a wonderful opportunity to help educate others on their breast reconstruction options as well as provide understanding of fat grafting.

Fat grafting is a fairly new technique in breast surgery. Fat is liposuctioned from one part of the patient's body, purified and then injected into the breast.

There are several fat grafting techniques that are used by plastic surgeons. There is no "set way" that has been shown to be the best in terms of long-term results. However, studies have shown that regardless of the technique used, the collection, storage, and transplantation of the fat cells (and the fat stem cells) must be optimized to obtain the best long-lasting results.

Studies have also shown that once the injected fat "takes", it can also help improve the thickness and quality of radiation-damaged tissue and skin.

Regardless of technique, some of the injected fat will be reabsorbed over time but this can vary depending on the exact clinical situation. Patients must therefore be prepared to require more than one procedure for the best results. Your surgeon will be able to discuss this further with you during your consultation.

If you missed the chat no worries! Catch the replay below! Thanks so much to the Anti-Cancer Club on inviting us to participate! We are truly honored! 

What is fat grafting and how is it used in breast reconstruction?

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