The LTP Flap: Another Option for “Natural” Breast Reconstruction

By: Courtney Floyd


Can the thigh tissue be used for breast reconstruction if a patient is not a candidate for DIEP flap?

There are many options available to patients today seeking breast reconstruction. Although implant reconstruction remains the most commonly performed method of reconstruction, microsurgical tissue flap options (like the DIEP flap) represent today’s most advanced breast reconstruction procedures.

Reconstructed breasts created from a patient’s own living tissue provide a “natural”, soft and warm breast that can't be achieved using implants or temporary prostheses. While most patients prefer the DIEP flap technique (which uses a woman's lower abdominal tissue), it typically is not an option for patients who have had previous extensive tummy tucks, who don't have adequate abdominal fat, or who prefer to avoid scarring across the abdomen.

The LTP (Lateral Thigh Perforator) flap can be a good option for patients who are not candidates for the DIEP flap and want to avoid implants.

During the LTP flap procedure, surgeons transplant skin and fatty tissue from the patient’s upper, outer thigh and outer buttock to the chest. Patients also benefit from a thigh lift as part of the procedure.

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