​Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy Does Not Raise Risk of Breast Cancer Returning

By: Courtney Floyd


Is nipple-sparing mastectomy safe for breast cancer patients?

At PRMA, we routinely offer nipple-sparing mastectomy to appropriate candidates. Preserving the nipple-areola along with the entire skin envelope of the breast is the latest evolution in mastectomy technique. Only the underlying breast tissue is removed.

The procedure is ideally performed in conjunction with immediate breast reconstruction for the best cosmetic results. Saving the nipple and areola improves the final cosmetic results of the reconstruction and can also improve the return of sensation in some patients. Patients also avoid additional nipple reconstruction and tattooing procedures.

Nipple-sparing mastectomy is oncologically safe in appropriate candidates, and a recently published study confirms this further.

The study followed 297 nipple-sparing mastectomy patients for five years. During that time, 5.5% of patients experienced a breast cancer recurrence which was comparable to rates seen after mastectomies that removed the nipple and areola. None of the recurrences involved the nipple-areola complex. 

These results give patients extra insight when weighing their options for mastectomy and breast reconstruction. It is important for patients to discuss all their options with their surgeon to determine the best surgical plan for them. 

Is nipple-sparing mastectomy safe for breast cancer patients? | PRMA Plastic Surgery

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