PSTM 2018 Shared Decision Making Presentation Recap

By: Courtney Floyd


PRMA’s Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo had the privilege of joining Dr. Hani Sbitany, Terri Coutee and Kristin Litz to discuss the importance of shared decision-making at Plastic Surgery the Meeting 2018.

“Once upon a time, I’d tell a patient their breast reconstruction options and the associated risks and recommend what I thought was best. Then I discovered shared decision-making and it changed my practice forever,” shared Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo.

What is shared decision-making?

Shared decision-making is the conversation and information exchange that happens between a patient and their healthcare professional to reach a treatment plan together. The doctor ensures the patient is fully educated about all their treatment options and the associated risks, while the patient shares their preferences, values and any other personal factors that are important in reaching the best plan for the patient. Shared decision-making in breast reconstruction can be greatly facilitated with specialized patient decision aids like the Breast Advocate App.

What’s the importance of embracing shared decision-making?

Informed patients are the happiest! When patients have all the information, and have a voice on their treatment planning, they take ownership in the entire treatment process. They are active participants of their health care team.

There is value of shared decision-making to both the surgeon and patient…

  • Patients fully understand the pros and cons of all their options
  • Patients are more knowledgeable and better prepared for their treatment
  • Helps build lasting and trusting relationships between the patient and their healthcare team
  • Patients have better outcomes
  • Higher patient satisfaction rates

“Currently only 40% of women undergo breast reconstruction in the US. While this number is increasing, this low percentage is partly due to lack of patient awareness. This suggests a much-needed role for shared decision making.” Shared Dr. Hani Sbitany

You can watch the full presentation here:

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