​Removing Implants and Opting for DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

By: Courtney Floyd

December 13, 2017

17 months ago, Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer. She opted to have a double mastectomy, and like many women, quickly chose implant reconstruction before learning about ALL her reconstructive options. Soon after her surgery, Michelle began to experience discomfort due to her implants.

After taking time to research all her options, Michelle chose to travel from Cheboygan, Michigan to PRMA in San Antonio, Texas to remove her implants and undergo DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

Immediately after surgery, she felt relief! She no longer felt the discomfort in her shoulders she had once endured.

Although implant reconstruction is a good option for many women, we routinely see patients from across the globe who are unhappy with their results. At PRMA, we recommend replacing implants with healthy living tissue through procedures like the DIEP flap.

The DIEP flap uses a patient’s own living skin and fatty tissue from the lower abdomen (similar to a tummy tuck) to reconstruct a breast. Providing patients with soft, warm and natural results, the newly reconstructed breast is also permanent and will never have to be replaced.

Thanks to our ERAS protocol, patients are healing faster and experiencing little pain following DIEP flap surgery. Just like Michelle, our DIEP flap patients are able to go home 2-3 days following surgery and rarely need to use prescribed narcotics for pain.

Michelle shares in the video below how she wishes someone would have told her the DIEP flap was an option for her from the beginning of her journey! We believe patients should be informed off ALL their options before having a mastectomy. By doing so, patients can be certain they are making an informed decision that best fits their needs.

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