Sleeping Comfortably After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

By: Courtney Floyd


It is important to get plenty of rest following breast reconstruction surgery to help aid the healing process. But it can be difficult to get yourself comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

As with any surgery, you may experience some discomfort while recovering which may make it difficult to rest. There may also be sleeping positions you are accustomed to that should be avoided until you are healed and given the “ok” from your surgeon.

Here are some helpful tips from some of our previous patients on how to get snuggled in and comfortable for sleep following breast reconstruction surgery:

  • Pillow, pillows, and more pillows! I did not have a recliner at home after I returned from following my DIEP flap reconstruction. I had family help me with pillows behind my head to elevate and pillows under my feet to elevate to get into a "beach chair" position so I would not to pull on my abdominal incision that was healing. Since I could not roll on to my side for a few weeks, I tucked a small soft pillow next to my cheek to mimic that feeling you get when you sleep on your side and cuddle you pillow up to your cheek.
  • The recliner was the best way I found rest. Afterwards, I would sleep at night slightly leaning on one side (I'm a left side-sleeper). I used my small pillow to cushion and give me support.
  • I ate healthy comforting foods to keep me relaxed and feeling good! Lots of fresh veggies and fruit!
  • Do some light reading or listen to music. Anything relaxing to calm your mind before falling asleep.
  • Loose clothing is a must!!
  • If you have a high bed, use a small step stool.

Do you have any tips to share?  If so, share them in the comments below! How can I sleep comfortably after breast reconstruction surgery?  | PRMA Plastic Surgery

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