The Breast Advocate App

By: Courtney Floyd


The world’s first shared-decision making app for breast cancer patients and their loved ones has officially launched! It’s called the Breast Advocate App. Free to download, the app features personalized, evidence-based breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction information.

PRMA Plastic Surgery is honored to be a co-contributor for this app. We believe every patient has the right to be informed of ALL breast reconstruction options, and the Breast Advocate app makes access to this information even easier! The app walks users through a list of detailed questions about their diagnosis, lifestyle and surgery goals. Once complete the app generates information on surgery options that may best fit the users’ needs. The app covers everything from lumpectomy to mastectomy, DIEP flap to going flat, and much more!

“For anyone considering breast cancer surgery and/or reconstruction, the process can be very frustrating,” says Breast Advocate founder and PRMA surgeon Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo. “Lack of accurate information and a feeling of not being involved in important treatment decisions are two of the most common sources of frustration. The Breast Advocate app changes that, enabling you to have the conversation you want to have with your physician team.”

Download the app today at

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