The Final Fitting: A Journey through Revision Surgery

By: Courtney Floyd


What is recovery after breast reconstruction revision surgery like? 

Back in February, Angie underwent DIEP Flap breast reconstruction surgery. She wanted to share her experience with women, so she made a video diary after surgery. Each day she documented what she was doing to recover and how she was feeling. Her honestly and vulnerability in the video diary are beautiful to watch and her video has already reached and helped many women. Because of this, Angie wanted to document her revision surgery as well.

Breast reconstruction is usually performed in stages. A second procedure—referred to as the "revision stage"—is designed to fine-tune the reconstructed breasts in order to improve the overall cosmetic appearance. This procedure is typically performed three months after the initial reconstruction as an outpatient surgery.

Watch below as Angie graciously shares her journey with us. 

Learn More About Revision (Stage-Two) Surgery


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